Bad Luck for Rachel Wilson!

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06 Aug 2011

Rachel Wilson has not had the best of luck this week, trying to make her debut in a race on her filly POLLY HOLDER. On Monday at Windsor, she was not allowed to ride by the Clerk of the Scales, as she would have put up too much overweight. So big anti-climax, having walked the course with Paul and Steve Smith Eccles and seen the inside of the weighing room! Rachel then started losing weight for her next ride, which was at Brighton on Thursday. She even bought new lightweight colours, breeches etc in order to do the weight. The problem being caused by Polly receiving weight for age as a 3 year old and the fact that Rachel claims 7lb, not having ridden a winner. All set for Brighton, except there was a doubt about racing going ahead to start off with, as the well-know sea fret descended! That problem overcome, course walked and weighed out successfully, target weight made including full claim, Polly proceeded to spread a plate en route to the start and was withdrawn not under starter's orders. You could not make it up! Then as Rachel cantered back down the track, the tiny saddle slipped up the filly's neck. To her great credit, Polly went straight as a die until she saw Paul, who had seen what happened and jumped out onto the track, and Polly just pulled up! What a star! These two are a great partnership and one day they will get their just rewards!

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